Thursday, April 7, 2011

Orange County Feng Shui Interior Designer

Feng Shui coupled with your intention is the most direct way to get what you want out of any life situation. Your space or Bagua, consists of 9 energy centers that, when properly enhanced, can tell the universe what to bring your way. It’s simple, it’s amazing and it’s incredibly fun!
Move your thoughts and your things for a more powerful and a more peaceful life flow today.
ReVamp Your Home is a fast, fun affordable way to restyle your home using what you already have as a base.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ReVamp Your Home News

ReVamp Your Home gets in touch with you first and then we know exactly how to create your style. Putting on the finishing touch is our specialty, and you may be surprised how quickly and easily your home comes together with your personal signature style with just a few added accents or accessories.

Life's celebrations mean so much when they take place in the home! And, we know that having everything just right is very important to you. ReVamp your home can help with home layout to accommodate guest flow, food service presentation, floral decor and of course your special finishing touches. Let us help you transform your home as you create lasting memories.

Call ReVamp Your Home today at 949.922.5357 to stage or restyle your Orange County home!